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Case Study

Table Tracker Enhances the Guest Experience at Mia’s

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Table Tracker

“Table Tracker tells you where to go like a light beam to the table.”


In 2012, Johnny Carrabba opened his newest restaurant Mia’s, affectionately named after his daughter. Mia’s has a casual feel where the ambiance is warm and fun. Resembling an old home in the Texas Hill Country, Mia’s is a place to socialize with family and friends, get some BBQ in the corners of your mouth, and walk out to the porch with custard in hand.


Johnny Carrabba built his success in the restaurant business by focusing on two things: delicious food & great service. He founded Carrabba’s on those principles and wanted to follow suit with Mia’s. Unfortunately, food runners at Mia’s were spending too much time looking for guests and shouting names, both of which disrupted the customer experience Mr. Carrabba was targeting.


When Johnny came across Table Tracker, he was immediately interested. “When I saw technology that would raise the bar on delivering great food and service, I knew I had to try it at Mia’s.”

He installed Table Tracker and never looked back. “We immediately saw faster ticket times,” says Carrabba. “Food wasn’t getting cold and runners didn’t have to call out to customers.”


At Mia’s, Table Tracker has replaced its name-shouting system with numbered Trackers given to guests when they order. Using RFID technology, each Tracker transmits the guest’s table number to a kitchen display.

When an order is ready, food runners know exactly where guests are sitting so they can deliver food immediately.

“This is the only system in market that offers such a simple way to track orders,” says Carrabba.

“The staff loves it because it makes their job easier. My food runners don’t waste time circling the restaurant looking for customers. Table Tracker tells you where to go like a light beam to the table — and everybody in the kitchen can see when an order is delayed.”

Table Tracker also helps Mia’s by providing valuable information about its food delivery times. Because the system collects data about every order, managers know how their food runners are performing on a particular day or over time. Further, advanced reporting helps Mia’s set goals so Johnny can identify days of the week or hours of the day when improvements are most needed.

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