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Hotel & Resort Solutions

Improve staff and guest communication

Hotels and resorts are customer centric businesses. With guests demanding the best service available, hotels and resorts need more efficient ways of meeting those demands.

Increase Food and Beverage Sales

Improve Your Guest Experience & Satisfaction

Decrease Response Time

Boost Staff Productivity and Efficiency

Why Hotels & Resorts Choose LRS

Store operators looking for quick and easy ways to reach their staff and improve customer service choose LRS.

Locate staff quickly

Minimize machine downtime

Remind groups times for different meetings & duties

Minimize emergency response time

Eliminate "telephone tag"

Eliminate the overhead paging system


Notify waiting guests quickly

Improve the guest experience with LRS Paging systems that notify guests quickly. Let guests enjoy amenities while they wait. Ideal for restaurants, spas, busy check-ins and more.


Talk to staff, get things done quickly

Get your staff communicating quickly with little to no training. All teams can be experience instant communication to boost efficiency and improve response times.


´╗┐Assistance or service at the push of a button

Give guests the royal treatment with on demand service. With LRS push button paging systems, guests simply press a button to notify staff.

Push button paging and texting


Notify Staff with a page or text

Need to direct or notify staff with a simple notification or a detailed message? LRS standalone paging systems or LRS Connect platform will have you covered. Improve service discreetly and quickly.

"We got NetPage Unlimited up and running before we opened the doors to our new hospital because it is at the heart of our patient experience."
Sheila Underwood, Director of Health Access Management, Texas Health Huguley

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"The pagers literally saved me an entire person in terms of labor. They make your lives infinitely better"
Jeremy Scott, Owner, Tutta's Pizza

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"The pagers drive consistency to a process, and when your process is consistent, so is your customer experience."
Stacy Howlett, Co-Owner, Coaches Burger Bar

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"The employees don't feel rushed and the customer is not tied to a certain spot while they wait."
Tal Sasson, Owner, The Pita Post

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"Our customers and staff are amazed (with Table Tracker). A lot of people haven't seen the system in use before and are impressed by how it works and how the pagers communicate with the kitchen."
Edwin Arreola, Operations Manager, Labriola

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