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LRS Connect

Organize and notify waiting guests and staff with a tap

Better communication means better business. Leverage the combined power of digital waitlists, LRS pagers, text messaging and more to create great guest experiences with improved guest and staff communication. Analyze data around all of your communication and interactions to track and compare performance.


Add Guests and Staff to your workspace and take control of your operational flow.


Track, page, or text waiting guests, assign work to staff members, and communicate in real time. Purchase or connect your existing LRS paging system to deliver pager notifications.


Monitor performance with on-screen stats and review detailed historic reporting to evaluate performance over time.

Flexible Notifications

Send custom notifications via text and LRS pagers with a simple tap.

Multi Device Compatibility

Engage your guests and staff in the way that is most convenient for them. LRS Connect features SMS, pagers, QR codes, personal mobile devices, and push for service buttons.

Performance Goal Tracking

Monitor operations with an on-screen performance dashboard. Understand guest and staff interactions, review traffic behavior and efficiency, analyze reporting reporting data, and export data via CSV or robust APIs.

Multiple Lists

Manage guests and staff task assignments with one or multiple lists. Move guests and staff tasks between lists to manage workflows.

Simple, Quick-Tap Interface

Add guests to the list, quote their wait time, and record customer preferences in mere seconds. For staff, communicate immediately and assign tasks in real-time to ensure a smooth operation.

Countdown Timers

Automatically send notifications to visitors at the set time. Ensure tasks are completed on time.

Status Indicators

Color-coded statuses change as quoted times near help you manage your list with one quick view. Delivers real-time views of your guest engagements and staff assignments.


Create tags and associate them with guests or staff to maintain status, keep your operations up to date, and improve work efficiency.

Record Actionable Data

Record and save data for your review of valuable operational insights. Use data to identify ways to improve efficiency.

How It Works

Connecting you with Guests, Staff and Operations Data

How It Works

Add Guest

A pager is given to guests as they check in or a cell number is collected.


Sort and filter your queue to determine the appropriate time to notify.


With a simple click, notify guests sending a text or via an LRS pager.


Delight guests with timely service and easy communication.


Access your LRS Connect lists from any browser.

Guest sessions are identified with icons and color coded status indicators to denote how they are measuring against the target notification time.

On screen stats to monitor performance live. Access up to 2 years of reporting.



Guest was added to the list.



Target notification or quoted/appointment time is approaching.

Past Due

Past Due

Past target notification or quoted / appointment time.



Guest has been sent a text message or page notification already.



Guest session was ended in a complete state.


Guest session was ended in an incomplete state (abandoned or walk-away).

How It Works

Add Staff

Manage your staff list by adding a name and contact information including cell phone number and LRS pager.


Quickly tag staff with relevant information like role, skill or sections to easily sort and filter and deliver targeted notifications.


With a simple click, notify staff sending a text or via an LRS pager.


Optimize your operations with reliable communication.


Easily update the staff status to only deliver messages to those who can react to your notifications. Tag Staff with one or more custom tags based on their roles to send targeted notifications.


LRS Connect collects important data with operational insights. Know how your business performs over time.

Compare performance for the selected date range and view across the following parameters:

  • Total number of sessions
  • Average Notify Time
  • Average End Time
  • % Goal met of all Sessions


LRS Connect


Access LRS Connect from any tablet or computer browser. Optimized for Chrome.

LRS Connect Transmitter TX-7471

7471 – Transmitter

One or multiple transmitters, connected to the internet allow for page notifications to LRS Guest and Staff pagers. Multiple transmitters can be used to cover large areas.

  • Compatible with all LRS pagers
  • Easy-to-Read, 16-character by 4-line display
  • UHF frequency (420 – 470 MHz)
  • Operates on 110V or 220V

CS7 – Guest Pager Pro

Guest Pager Pro discreetly alerts customers with a buzz and flashing light when service is ready. This pager offers a digitally displayed number that can be easily updated. Configurable vibration modes and bright LED light colors options are available.

SP4 Pager

SP4 – Staff Star Pager

Staff pager with four red LED lights. Lights can be paged to light up individually or altogether together with different vibration patterns to send different messages to the staff.

AC – Guest Alpha Coaster

Notify guests with an alphanumeric message displayed on the pager’s digital screen. Offer guidance on where guests may proceed for assistance.

E467 – Staff Alpha Pager

Notify staff when they are needed or to inform them about specific tasks. Send preconfigured or unique custom messages to reach your staff with this alpha staff pager. Pager uses one replaceable AAA battery.




Group Paging
Group Paging
Up to
Up to
Custom Alpha Messages
Custom Alpha Messages
Preset Alpha Messages
Text Messaging
Continuous Paging
All Locate


3.25” (W) x 10.5” (L) x 1.25” (H)
4 (W) x 8 (L) x 4 (H)
(Dimensions with Antenna)
(Dimensions with Antenna)
2.1 lb
1 lb
110V or 120V
110V or 120V
Custom Alpha Messages
Custom Alpha Messages
420 – 470 MHz
420 – 470 MHz
(Paging Frequency)
(Paging Frequency)
Internet Connectivity
Dry Contact Sensor Ports

Advanced Features

Range Test Mode
Range Test Mode
Program Pagers
Program Pagers
Time Display
Anti Theft
Digital Waitlist Integration


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