Entertainment Solutions

Provide a great experience with an efficiently run entertainment center

Serve waiting guests faster, provide top notch on-demand service and respond quickly with LRS paging systems and two-way radios. These are just a few of the ways LRS helps family fun centers and entertainment facilities every day.

Notify waiting customers faster

Improve Response Times

Provide on-demand service

Manage multiple queues efficiently

Why Entertainment Facilities Choose LRS

Event, cultural and entertainment locations looking for smart, simple solutions for managing the guest experience choose LRS.

Notify Staff When Needed

Assign Tasks & Check Status

Manage Wait Times

Request Staff Assistance

Notify Guests Reserved Time Is Up

Request Service

Queue Management

Electronic Waitlist

Special exhibits or activities requiring a wait list use the LRS Connect web application to offer customers a choice of an SMS text or LRS pager for notification when they’re next.

Guest Paging

Stand Alone Paging & Texting Systems

Notify waiting customers with the original LRS guest paging systems. Get them having fun faster and deliver a better waiting experience.


Communicate Instantly with Staff

Replace overhead PA or roaming to: find others with an LRS staff pager or SMS messaging. Communicate with staff instantly and let them know where and why they’re needed.


Talk with staff and get things done

Get all of your teams communicating with Motorola Two Way Radios. Improve response times, get things handled and be more efficient.

Push For Service

Provide on-demand service

Use call buttons for customers to notify staff when help or service is needed.

Push For Service
"The radios require hardly any training and we wouldn't have the same level of teamwork without them."
Kurt Crooks, Operations Manager, HeyDay Entertainment

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"The pagers literally saved me an entire person in terms of labor. They make your lives infinitely better."
Kyle Allison, Owner, Andy Alligator's Fun Park

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"Using the guest pagers has been a very positive experience. It's a system that we would definitely recommend to anyone else."
Gaelan Bayley, Owner, Bayley's Camping Resort

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"Pretty flawless in terms of technology, texting, notification. I don't have another solution that would replace it, I would certainly recommend it."
Event Producer, Event Planning Company

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