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Manufacturing & Warehouse / Distribution

Improve efficiency and productivity with truck driver and staff paging

Whether you are trying to notify staff of a phone call, QA issue, or required assistance, on premise paging is the solution to help meet those needs.

Notify Drivers and Staff Quickly

Minimize response time

Minimize machine downtime

Eliminated Overhead PA Speaker System

Why Manufacturing & Logistics Choose LRS

Our systems consist of push button paging, PC paging, text messaging, forklift & truck driver paging, and telephone interconnect.

Locate staff quickly

Minimize machine downtime

Remind groups times for different meetings & duties

Minimize emergency response time

Eliminate "telephone tag"

Eliminate the overhead paging system

Six Ways Healthcare Providers Use LRS

Message patients, guests and staff quickly and quietly with an LRS paging system. These are a few of the ways LRS helps hospitals, medical facilities and doctor offices every day.

TRUCK Driver Paging

Driver paging and notification solutions

Notify drivers, customers, orvendors simply and reliably every time with LRS guest pagers or mobile text messaging. Complement pagers with LRS wait list applications, and text messaging services.

Push For Service

Push for service and call buttons

Receive push-button notifications from drivers or customers, and help them, ASAP! Service-request options range from one to many buttons.

Push button paging and texting

Staff Paging

Paging and messaging solutions for staff

Increase speed of service with LRS staff pagers, ensuring drivers and employees are in the know when they’re needed. Extend staff paging options with LRS’ applications.


Motorola Two-Way Radios

Communicate easier with two-way radios

Two-way radios offer voice communication in any environment when you staff needs communication fast. Two-way radios are compact, reliable and perfect for large, fast-paced environments.

"It [NPU] exceeded our expectations and shaved an average of 20 minutes per truck. We normally process 4500 trucks per week. That comes out to 1500 man hours a week saved.."
Darrin Gannaway, IT Director, Costa Solutions

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“The LRS paging system has saved us 2.5 hours a day—I would recommend this system to other retail distribution centers that have ‘live deliveries.”
K. Sanchas, Sr Receiving Supervisor, Distribution Center

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“Instead of searching for a radio and flagging forklift drivers down, our plant employees can just push a button and the forklift driver arrives within seconds.”
Tony Yoder Chief Production & Technology Officer, Yoder Lumber

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