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Table Tracker

Deliver Food To The Table Faster

Table Tracker is a wireless table location solution that helps your food runners know exactly where customers are sitting and deliver food to the table faster. Boost efficiency and productivity by eliminating wandering staff. Guests will have a better experience and you’ll have actionable performance data.


A Table Tracker is started and handed to the customer at the time of order


The Tracker reads tags on the customer’s table and broadcasts its location.


The food runner checks the order view and delivers the food to the right table every time


Management can review stats and set benchmarks and make informed decisions.

Easy for customers

Simply placing the Table Tracker anywhere on the table sends their location.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Staff knows exactly which table to go to. No zones or areas to search.

Goal Setting and Reporting

Goal summary reports make it easy to monitor each restaurant location’s delivery metrics against overall corporate goals.

Manager Alerts

Managers can receive text alerts when orders aren’t delivered in a timely manner, or when performance metrics are dipping below expectations.

API Integration

Table Tracker can be integrated into your other operational software for a more streamlined approach to locating customers.

Passive RFID technology

No batteries to replace at the table.

Flexible Installation

DIY or fully managed installation options

Full Table Coverage

Placing trackers anywhere on the table sends the location.


Set up one or multiple iPads on your restaurant to see orders pending delivery. Orders are color coded indicating how long they have been open.




Target delivery time is approaching.


Past target delivery time.

On screen stats to monitor performance live. 2 weeks of reporting available on the iPad and up to 2 years on the LRS Connect cloud.


Table Tracker collects important data so restaurant managers know how they are performing over time and across multiple locations.

Report Name
LRS Connect*
1 – Tracking Summary
2 – Location Comparison Table
3 – Delivery Time by Day
4 – Delivery Time by Week Day
5 – Delivery Time by Time of Day
6 – Dine-In & To-Go Orders by Time of Day
7 – Orders by Weekday
8 – Orders & Delivery Time by Time of Day
9 – Table Utilization
10 – Time to Sit by Time of Day
11 – % Goal Met by Day

* Multiple locations can be compared and reports can be exported in csv format.


iPad with TT App

The Table Tracker iPad app operates as the central user interface for interactions. The iPad receives a Wi-Fi signal from the LRS Gateway. If a larger display is needed, the iPad can be connected to a low-cost flat screen monitor. Operating Voltage: 12V DC



The Tracker communicates via ZigBee protocol when it reads a Start, Clear and location RFID tag. Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

RFID Tag Sheets

RFID Tag Sheets

Customers can choose one, or a combination of under-the-table tags, table docks, and mats for their Table Tracker system to fit their business. These do not require any power as they contain passive RFID tags. Trackers read these and broadcast the ID or location read.

Starting & Clearing Docks

Starting & Clearing Docks

Starting and Clearing Docks are used to change the state of a Tracker. When in a “started” state, an order is started and an order strip appears in the order view of the application. When “cleared”, the order strip is removed from the active orders view and the tracker session is ended.

Tracker Charger

The Tracker charger includes a wall plug and keeps stacked Tracker’s charged and operational. When not in use with a customer, Trackers are stored on the charging base and batteries are maintained in a charged state. Operating Voltage: 12V DC

Table Docks

An alternative to the under-the-table tag solution, the table docks include RFID tagging within them and are designed for placing the Tracker on them. Up to 3 trackers can be stacked on one dock to read the location.

Portable Clearing Unit

The Portable Clearing Unit is an alternative option to the stationary clearing dock often placed by the expo counter or window, giving staff the opportunity to clear an order immediately upon completing the delivery or service. There is an optional leather belt-clip case.

Table Tracker Repeater


Repeaters build a mesh ZigBee network with the LRS Gateway to increase the reach or range of the trackers. Operating Voltage: 12V DC

Round Mats

Shielded mats designed for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for metal surfaces that don’t allow for trackers to read under-the-table tagging. Mats come with an optional center hole to accommodate umbrellas. Dimensions: 14” Diameter

LRS Gateway

The LRS Gateway connects the Table Tracker iPad app (via Wi-Fi) and Trackers (via ZigBee). This acts as a “State Machine” and contains proprietary Table Tracker firmware to manage open orders. The Gateway uploads data to the LRS Connect cloud to feed online reporting. Operating Voltage: 5V AC


Provides a secure and dedicated Wi-Fi network for the Table Tracker system. The Gateway and iPad are the exclusive users of this network. The Gateway requires a cable connection to the router. Potential Wi-Fi traffic issues on existing business networks are prevented with this dedicated router. Operating Voltage: 24v POE


Advanced Table Location Technology

  • Cutting-Edge Table Location Technology: Discover the future of restaurant management with our innovative solution.
  • Unprecedented Efficiency: Our place tracker system ensures that your staff can locate and serve guests with exceptional efficiency.
  • Enhanced Dining Experience: Integrate our advanced service tracking systems to reduce wait times and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Our Place Tracker System

  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor table locations in real-time to provide swift and accurate service.
  • Ease of Use: Our tracker system is designed for intuitive use, requiring minimal training for your staff.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with most existing restaurant management and POS systems, ensuring smooth operations.

Benefits of Using Service Tracking Systems

  • Increased Efficiency: Streamline your operations and reduce manual errors.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide faster service and improve order accuracy.
  • Data Insights: Gain valuable insights into your operations with detailed tracking data.

LRS Paging Transmitter


LRS Paging Transmitter TX-9560MT

LRS Connect Transmitter


LRS Connect Transmitter TX-7471

Compatible with

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Group Paging
Group Paging
Up to
Up to
Custom Alpha Messages
Custom Alpha Messages
Preset Alpha Messages
Text Messaging
Continuous Paging
All Locate


3.25” (W) x 10.5” (L) x 1.25” (H)
4 (W) x 8 (L) x 4 (H)
(Dimensions with Antenna)
(Dimensions with Antenna)
2.1 lb
1 lb
110V or 120V
110V or 120V
Custom Alpha Messages
Custom Alpha Messages
420 – 470 MHz
420 – 470 MHz
(Paging Frequency)
(Paging Frequency)
Internet Connectivity
Dry Contact Sensor Ports

Advanced Features

Range Test Mode
Range Test Mode
Program Pagers
Program Pagers
Time Display
Anti Theft
Digital Waitlist Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Table Tracker Systems

Yes, the Table Tracker system is versatile and fully suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Specifically, our Round Mats have been meticulously designed to withstand outdoor conditions. This includes their ability to perform optimally on metal surfaces, which are known to interfere with RFID tagging technology.

Incorporating advanced materials and design, these mats ensure reliable performance and durability in various environmental conditions, making them an ideal choice for outdoors extending the Table Tracker system’s functionality.

Trackers are engineered to withstand heavy usage throughout a typical business day, making them indispensable tools for monitoring and efficiency.

To guarantee that these trackers stay functional and ready for action, it is highly recommended that they be placed on the Tracker Charger whenever they are not being actively used. This practice helps maintain their charge and ensures they are always operational when needed.

The specific battery life of a tracker can vary significantly depending on how frequently it is used and the nature of the tasks it performs. Therefore, regular charging is crucial to keep them performing optimally.

The LRS Gateway has been engineered with user convenience in mind, ensuring a straightforward setup process.

To get it up and running, it needs a simple cable connection to the dedicated router provided for this purpose and access to a power source to supply it with the necessary electricity.

To assist users every step of the way, detailed setup instructions are included in the package, guiding them through the process from start to finish with clear, easy-to-follow steps.

This ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can install and operate the device successfully.

Yes, the system is designed to utilize a dedicated router to guarantee optimal performance and enhance security measures. This specialized router is tasked with providing a Wi-Fi network that is exclusively used by the Gateway and the iPad equipped with the Table Tracker app. This setup ensures that both devices can communicate seamlessly and securely, maintaining high levels of efficiency and reliability in their operations.

If a Tracker or RFID tag is damaged or compromised in any way, it’s crucial to replace it promptly to maintain the system’s integrity and proper functioning.

Damaged tags may lead to incorrect tracking information or system malfunctions. Our dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist with the replacement process, ensuring a seamless transition.

Furthermore, they can provide expert troubleshooting support for any issues that may arise, guaranteeing that your system operates efficiently and effectively.

The Table Tracker system is meticulously designed to operate autonomously, ensuring seamless operations without the need for constant oversight.

Nevertheless, we understand that certain situations may require the system to be integrated with other tools or platforms unique to your operation.

In these instances, or if you have any specific questions regarding integration capabilities or requests, we strongly encourage you to contact our dedicated technical support team.

Our experts are on hand to provide you with further assistance, ensuring your Table Tracker system works in perfect harmony with your existing setup.

The Portable Clearing Unit is a revolutionary tool that enables staff to immediately clear orders at the moment of delivery completion, significantly enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction. This innovative device communicates seamlessly with the main system, instantly updating the order status.

Streamlining the order clearance process saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors, making it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to improve their operational efficiency.

The LRS Connect cloud service, a premium offering that enables online reporting and analytics, requires a subscription to access its comprehensive features.

Additionally, subscribers receive the Table Tracker app and regular firmware updates. These updates ensure that your system remains up-to-date, incorporating the latest features and improvements for optimal performance and enhanced user experience.